Thursday, 14 April 2016

28mm USMC EOD, .50 cal and Scout Sniper teams.

I finished sculpting these sets and they should be available on the Eureka Miniatures and Eureka USA webstores in the near future.

Readers in the UK who are attending Salute can pick up some pre-production sets this weekend, where the below painted examples will be displayed.

A couple of M32 grenadiers have also been added to the range. Masters of the M32 grenadiers and the .50 cal HMG team are included in the below photos. 

                                  K-9 team, EOD droid and technician, technician in blast suit.

 Sniper team between the M240 and SMAW teams already in the Eureka catalogue


  1. A Marine M32, coooooooool, +1 Kosta

  2. Outstanding as always. Great addision to my collection.

  3. Thanks gentlemen for your comments, much appreciated.

  4. Hi Kosta.

    What's the chance of some Chinese PLA and Ultra modern Russians.
    Looking at playing large games of Modern Bolt Action.It's hard to find many variations. Can't find any LMG's or RPG's for modern PLA.
    Want to play a conflict in the disputed South China Sea region and Red Bear Resurgent in Europe

    These are the rules we are using.

    1. Hey Spyros,

      Sorry mate, I have no plans for ultra mod Russians or Chinese PLA at this time.

  5. Just ordered these amazing miniatures.

    Cannot wait to see them in the flesh and paint them!

    Very nice sculpting & thanks you :)

    1. You're most welcome, and thanks very much for your lovely comment!