Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Eureka Miniatures 28mm WW2 Australian Infantry

I recently sculpted these World War Two Aussies, pics of some of the greens have appeared on the Eureka Miniature FB page.
These photos are of a selection of the figures that I've painted for Nic Robson to display on Eureka's stand at this year's Salute in the UK.

Like a lot of people of a certain age, I grew up playing with classic Airfix toy soldiers, and one of the best sets in terms of sculpting and animation was the World War Two Australians.

It seemed natural then, that when tasked with sculpting some WW2 Aussies for Eureka, that influence would be easy to see, though I've restricted the homage (or shameless pose-stealing) to only a few figures. Helmet-wearing variants are also on the way.

These miniatures represent Australian troops in Papua New Guinea, with a series of very well-known photographs by George Silk of the fighting at Buna being one of my main references, though a number of photos of Australian Independent Company Commandos proved very useful.
The soldiers in these photographs were much better supplied and so presented a far more uniform appearance than the Milita troops who fought the Japanese in the Kokoda battles.


  1. OUTSTANDING! Picked up three set at Cancon and also have the latest extras on the painting table.

  2. Lovely figures and I could see the Airfix influence the moment I first saw them. And I have to say that my favorites are the two blokes patrolling. In my opinion they're the best out of a great set.

  3. Thanks gentlemen for the encouraging comments!

  4. great to see u back into the swing of things, and oh boy these r fantastic!

    1. Cheers Bradley, I've been sculpting and modelling pretty steadily these past months but the blogging did indeed come to a standstill!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  5. Looking forward to getting a set of these figures to add to my units for a pacific theatre operations

  6. Thanks Bob, I'm glad that you like the figures enough to recruit them!