Monday, 21 January 2013

28mm Somali Militia

The first group of Somalis are finished, and in fact already dropped off at Eureka Miniatures so that Nic can work his magic and make the mould.... hooray! The Somalis have been on my workbench for a few months, first building the dollies (which are basic figures, just a torso, legs and head) then creating what you see in these photographs. I intend adding a second set which will be basically the same except that they will have scarves covering their faces.
The wild bunch.

I'm really happy with the of poses in this set, ranging from the eccentric to the more competent.
Three figures are missing from these photos, the set has eleven in total. 


  1. Excellent work as usual, all hail Kosta!

  2. These look awesome! I'm so excited that there are new Somalis!

    If you expend the range (yes, rather presumptuous :))...I'd like to see some in the crazy "Beirut Boogie"!