Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sunflowers diorama

I made this BT-5 and sunflowers diorama many years ago. The 1/35 BT-5 is the old Zvezda model, while the German soldier is a Hornet product. The sunflowers were scratchbuilt using paper and wire and the remains of the two crewmen were also built from scratch; they were some of the first figures that I ever sculpted. 

The inspiration for this diorama was a photo in one of the old Time-Life World War Two books of a Soviet tank standing in a field of newly grown sunflowers. The sunflowers very much suggest the Russian steppe to me, while the presence of the unfortunate crewmen, while shocking, is meant as a counterpoint to the living sunflowers.

I hope you guys like it!


  1. Great job, Kosta, I'm going to put your scene in my Monthly modeller corner on my blog.
    Please visit and join it!

    1. Thanks very much Cesare! Lots of cool links and photos on your blog.

  2. An oldie but a goodie Kosta. I love the way you've photographed it too.