Tuesday, 5 March 2013

28mm Modern US Navy SEALs

This is the second group of SEALs that I have sculpted for Eureka Miniatures, this time equipped with GPNVG-18 night-vision goggles and suppressed HK416 Assault Rifles.

I thought that the four prominent tubes were a great opportunity to try painting some gem-style lenses. There are four figures, and this time the heads are separate to facilitate the casting of the NVG's. One figure carries a compact breaching kit with telescoping tools.
  I've also designed the figures so that they can be grouped closely together to form a 'stack', which is something that I've wanted to do with a group of figures since I starting sculpting moderns. The stack formation is used in urban warfare when entering or breaching a room in order to get as many shooters into a room in as short a time as possible.
I've based them as a stack here just for something different, though of course each figure works just as well on its own.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Beautiful work! I can't wait to get them to the painting table!!!!

  2. Are these coming out soon?

  3. Will these be available for purchase?

    1. Hi Conner. These are now available for purchase on the Eureka Miniatures USA site, where they are called SEAL team Six set 2.
      If you wish to order from the Eureka Miniatures Australia site, eurekamin.com.au then you will need to contact us by email, as they are not officially released yet.

  4. Really nice figures, I got mines by yesterday. Any chance for a small tutorial for the camo scheme?