Saturday, 6 April 2013

Soviet AGS-17 Plamya in 28mm

I finally got this little sucker finished after a few ups and downs during the build process. 
It is an AGS-17 Plamya (flame) Automatic grenade launcher, which fires a 30mm round. I've made an Afghan guerilla to man the thing. As with so much Soviet kit it is used by many armies and guerilla groups around the world.

Here is a shot of the completed weapon and gunner.

I had some really solid photos and stats in books, and as usual found plenty of useful stuff online. 

Here's the gunner being worked-up. Eventually I would need to cut him in half so that he could be cast, just the job for a brand new razor-saw that I had in my toolbox.

After plenty of fiddling about, all the pieces came together. I used one of the heads from my original      Afghans but gave him a rhinoplasty. It's really satisfying now the Playma is done! This means that the  suite of Soviet support weapons for the Eureka moderns is just about complete, plus I can add this weapon to other sets to round out their heavy support.


  1. You can moonlight as a plastic surgeon after this ;-)

    Love his curly hair and beard. Great work as usual little bro!

  2. Thanks Hariklia! After looking at photos it struck me how curly hair is not uncommon amongst Afghanis, so I thought I'd give it a try.

  3. beautiful work mate well done, looks top notch

  4. Fantastic blog!!! I love your work, and can't wait to get started on painting some of these in the future!

    Maybe, one day, you can enlighten us on how you painted your SEALs - they certainly look the part!!

    Greg S

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    2. Thanks Greg. I actually wrote a short rundown of the colours used for the modern USMC/SEALs for the Eureka Miniatures website, but I can't find the link. I will post the link when I track it down.

  5. Hi Kosta
    Just finished building one, super peice of work and really appreciate the two part nature of the opertator. Now to paint him.
    I have been on to Nic about the making of some generic crew figures to operate other manufacturers models, two figures that are seated on opertaors chairs on the typical ZSU 37 mount for example with seperate torsos that one could twist into a general "fiddling with a guage or sight" position would be really useful, the upper torso could also be used for operating an MG mount out of the top of a truck or SUV cab. So far nothing dong but if he gets his Hilux made?



  6. Thanks Graham,
    It's funny that you mention some gunners because I got my hands on a plastic 1/48 kit of a ZU-23 AA gun from Ace models (unfortunately a manufacturer with a reputation for producing very fiddly kits) and have been meaning to make a gunner to crew the kit, but its a project that very much got sidelined.