Friday, 12 April 2013

Painted 28mm Eureka Miniatures Somalis

I've spent the last couple of days painting my Somali militants. The skin areas are painted using Humbrol enamels and Winsor & Newton oils. GW paints for the metallic bits and Vallejo acrylics for everything else.


  1. These chaps realy look fantastic. At the moment I'm considering to get into modern wargaming myself, so you're in no way helpfull in saving money :-)

  2. These look great, the flesh tones look spot on.
    Thanks for posting.

  3. Great stuff!
    I'd love to hear more about your use of enamels and oils to get those fantastic skin tones...

  4. These are fantastic! I am getting started on some Somalis for my Africa Wars game I am slowly working on for my group here and need some ideas and I hit the jackpot. The skin tones are magic. I am using acrylic however. Any suggestions for acrylic paints that would do well for the skin tones?

    1. That's a tricky one and unfortunately I don't have an answer. I've developed my oil and enamel technique over time and I don't have an equivalent way with acrylics!

      One tip that I can give you is that the highlights in darker skin can generally be just as light as those in lighter skinned folks, so whatever base colour that you use you can always go pretty light with the highlights.

      I'll get around to doing a step-by-step with my technique one day.

  5. Cool. Thanks for the tip, Kosta. I have the Foundry skin tone set and found some pots of a couple of others in my pile of paint pots. It is amazing the differences in tones between them all. I think I have enough to get started making a mess. I will be playing around with them all this weekend it looks like!