Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bits and pieces (guns)

Various weapons for 28mm figures that I've been working on. These are invariably built around a simple wire armature with my usual mixture of Milliput and Green Stuff. I really enjoy the process of researching and building these little pieces, though pretty much all other work comes to halt on the workbench so that I can concentrate on getting everything right. 

These photos will also give some clues as to what figures are in the pipeline... A couple of friendly members of the Kalashnikov family; an AK74 and an AMD65. The submachine gun is a Portuguese FBP.

Here are a few W-I-P photos of the AA52 Machine Gun miniature. As can be seen in the second photo  I bulk out the rough shape of the receiver which is then allowed to cure and is then filed and carved into shape. This lets me create nice sharp edges on the miniature. 

Once this is the correct size and shape I can begin adding details. The tapering barrel on this gun was a particular challenge. In the last shot you can see the receiver and barrel completed.

....and that's when I stopped taking photos. 

Bye for now folks, more madness soon.


  1. Great! Absolutely stunning work so far.

  2. They look great! Obviously they hint at things to come.... so an FBP means more Portuguese. Hurrah!

  3. You do my head in - but have inspired me to try using green stuff for more than filling gaps. So thanks.

    1. You should give it a go!!
      Grab a Citadel plastic skeleton and get going on some melting flesh and torn clothes.. I promise you that you'll have fun.