Saturday, 31 August 2013

28mm WW2 Pulp

I haven't made a figure of a woman for a long time. This sculpt is the second female Rocketeer for Eureka's Pulp Second World War series (at the moment consisting of the 'Dogface' G.I.'s and the Jurassic Reich Nazis on dinosaurs). I will likely re-head the figure with a finned flight helmet once its been cast but very much wanted to see how she would look in a side cap showing off her hair.

The rocket pack is a separate piece and has been left off in these photos. This figure has been loads of fun to sculpt. I'm looking forward completing the set.


  1. It's a shame she'll be spoiled with a rocket pack... it's a great looking figure.

    1. Thanks Jim. Once the figure is in production the rocket pack will be supplied as a separate piece, so it would be possible to leave it off if it's not to your liking. It's actually not that big and her shapely curves will still be in evidence.

  2. Nice work! She really looks up to the job.

  3. Very cool Blog mate, link added