Thursday, 23 January 2014

28mm Soviet Motorised Infantry

First set of mid-1980's Soviet soldiers have been completed and cast. These have been in the planning and pre-production stage for months and are the start of a major new range. 

These Motorised Infantry wear the lightweight 'KLMK' camouflage suit and are kitted out with 6B-2 body armour. I wanted a pretty uniform appearance for this group and all wear the old fashioned marching boots. The (then) latest Kalashnikov, the AK-74, is carried along with the RPD-74, SVD sniper rifle and RPG-7. A soldier with an underslung grenade-launcher equipped AK-74 is also represented. 

The Red Army belt in the above photo is a gift that a friend of Eureka Miniatures brought back from Afghanistan for me. 

It can be seen that many of the figures are depicted carrying their spare magazines in Chi-com style chest-rigs. The Soviets were never shy about adopting successful items from their enemies and by the mid/late period of the Soviet-Afghan war Soviet-produced chest-rigs, as well as those taken from the Afghan guerillas were being used. 

I have a very busy 2014 planned, both plugging some gaps in the existing Eureka Miniatures modern ranges and forging ahead with the Soviets.

More to come!


  1. Wonderful minis Kosta,

    Do you think they will tie into your Rhodesian range in any way?

    We need African Rifles, BSAP, etc.....can we get those minis in the queue!!!

    Lovely work

    Happy Wanderer

  2. Excellent looking figures, you seem to just get better and better. Sadly not my interest though. :-(

    Portuguese Guerra Colonial, Rhodesia, Angola etc... and you have my intense interest. Vietnam 'Advisory era' minis would totally chew up my spare income totally though.

    I'm just stuck in the sixties and seventies... what can I say. :-)

  3. Looking forward to seeing these - Red Dawn is not firmly on the project list for 2014....

  4. They are very wonderful !

    I'm very happy to see this beautiful russians and I'm very impatient to have them in my hands !

  5. Picked up three sets at Cancon. Well done Costa. Outstanding. Can't wait for the next lot.

  6. G'Day Kosta.

    Can't wait for the next lot.

    What's the chance of South African infantry armed with R4 (Galil) rifles for the war in Namibia in the 80's with Angola?

    1. Hi Spyros,

      South Africans for Namibia and Angola would be a great set but no plans for them in the works.

      Glad that you like the Russians mate!

    2. When are the next lot of Soviets due, e.g. Spetsnaz?
      Any pics yet?

    3. Photos of the next batch of Soviets are coming real soon.... but they ain't Spetsnaz.
      Not long to wait!

  7. Great stuff...I really like these...considering my current project is the Aussies in Afghanistan it wont be hard to retro my taliban to fight these guys. Keep up the good work your sculpting is fantastic!

  8. These are great. I really want them-lol.

  9. Just got my hands on the kneeling RPG guy. He'll make a nice addition to my ZAPU revolutionaries in Rhodesia. They had some Soviet advisors, right?

    The revolutionaries can never have too many RPGs and the miniature is too good to waste.

    A mate of mine and I are talking about getting into "Cold War Gone Hot" and these will fit the bill perfectly. Do you know if they are a scale match for the Eureka Bundeswehr figures? I'm guessing you sculpted them too.

    Anyhow, I'm loving your work.


    1. Hi Mal,

      Yes I sculpted the modern Bundeswehr and they will match these Soviets size-wise, although the Germans are a little too 'modern'. The G-36 rifles were first introduced in the late 1990s... I must get around to making some Bundeswehr with G-3s one day!