Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Painted 28mm Red Army infantry and tank-crew.

With Eureka Miniatures head-honcho Nic Robson heading for Salute in the UK this month, I needed to dust off my brushes and get some painted figures ready for the Eureka stand. 
Here are some shots that I took in today's overcast Melbourne light, and a first look at some Soviet tank-crew wearing gas masks, inspired by a certain late '80s war film.

The Crew of the Beast
The figures mostly carry the shortened AK-74 which is confusingly called either the AK-74su or the AKS-74u, rather than the AKM rifles carried in the film.  I had already made an LPO-50 flamethrower for Eureka's chemical warfare Sovs, and since one is seen on screen this was a great opportunity to tool up one if the figures with this unlikely weapon. Also worth mentioning is that the Ti-67 tank carries a crew of four, rather than the five dudes who emerge from the tank in the movie.

Soviet Motorised Infantry paints used.
I have to confess that I have a total chaos system for painting figures - I mix up colours as I need them or to match reference, and often lose track of which colours have been used. I have in the last few years started to keep notes of colour combos to make life easier for myself. 

Vallejo colours:
KLMK suit base: 967 olive green + small amount 979 Ger. cam. dark green.
KLMK suit highlights: as above + white.
KLMK suit spots: 819 Iraqi sand.
Body armour + pouches: 879 green brown.
Belts + Y-straps base: 847 mahogany
Belts + Y-straps highlights: 818 red leather.
Helmet base: 979 Germ. cam dark green.
Helmet highlights: as above + 967 olive green.

Happy modelling and painting!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I'd buy a heap of those Eureka boys, except I've already got a heap of Russian awaiting the paintbrush.

  2. That is exactly what I need - more inspiring painted miniatures to make me want to buy something in the knowledge that I would never get around to painting it!!!

  3. Bravo Kosta.
    Look fantastic. Can't wait for the next lot. What about cold war British in NBC gear?

  4. The gas masks look very cool. Great painting, as usual Kosta.

  5. Thanks people.
    Hey Spyros, Cold War Brits is something I'd love to do.... maybe one day!

    1. Mate that would be sweet. I'm realy into the Cold War stuff.
      I'm getting a few games of Cold War gone hot in, and Brits in NBC gear is all I'm missing.
      I've got your Soviets and US in NBC and they are fantastic.

  6. Beautiful painting, very inspiring.

  7. I picked these up from Nick at Salute last year, awesome work mate!

  8. Hey Kosta. I just got the motorised Rifle team and, they are way better looking from the photos. I've started four already, when I'm done I will find a way to send you the pics

    1. Hi Andreas, I'm happy to hear that you like the figures! I suppose I'm a better sculptor than I am a photographer ;)