Sunday, 6 April 2014

28mm Rhodesian African Rifles

The Rhodesian African Rifles (RAR) was one of the key government units of the Rhodesian Bush War. Operating in the Fireforce role, troops could be both heli- and par-borne in their actions against ZIPRA and ZANLA insurgents. 

Here are the first eight figures in what will eventually be set of thirteen, made up of three 'sticks' of four plus a European officer.
Those attending Salute in the UK will have the opportunity to pick up a set from the Eureka Miniatures stand where Nic Robson will have a limited number of sets available.

I would very much like to thank military and aviation artist John Wynne Hopkins for sharing both his photos and  his generous advice. John Wynne Hopkins served in 3 platoon (Simanjemanje), Acoy 1 RAR and was the last European Adjutant in the Battalion. The miniatures are much more accurate thanks to John's help.
You can also check out John's wargaming blog here.

These figures have been much anticipated so thanks everybody for your patience! 


  1. Bravo Kosta. You've done it agan.They look fantastic. Can't belive I havn't got any yet.I need to get onto Nic ASAP.

  2. Wonderful figures and a great addition to the range - thanks for these!

  3. I got a set of these miniatures there great, I hope to see more miniatures for this range. I was wondering if your were the one who painted up the RAR that can be seen on the Eureka website. If so could you list the colours and paint that you used on them.

    1. I'm glad that you like the miniatures!
      The painted RAR on the Eureka site were by a customer so I'm afraid I can't tell which colours he used.
      Thanks and apologies for the late reply.