Tuesday 23 January 2024

28mm U.S. M151A2 1/4 ton Utility Vehicle and Marine Recon reinforcements

New for 2024 is an additional team of United States Recon Marines representing troops as they would have looked in the early 2000s and thus matching the set and sniper already available from Eureka Miniatures

The set comprises six figures armed with the usual M4 variants as well as the ubiquitous M249 SAW.

For fun I also took some photos of the troops doing what they did best - blending in with the terrain.

I also sculpted a 2-man forward observation team with their turn-of-the-century-tech laser designator and radio.

In addition we have a neat M151 jeep with Marine Recon crew which also comes with the deep-wading equipment as well as crew stowage and crew of three.

I made the master for this the old-fashioned way. The wheels were 3D sculpted and printed by my friend Luc. The model is supplied as a one-piece resin casting for the body and white metal wheels, crew and details. I've put together an assembly diagram too which will come with the kit.

I haven't posted on this blog for so long I'm not sure if Blogger will allow me upload this post!

If I'm not able to reply to comments I'd like to thank everyone for reading this and for their interest in my miniatures and I hope everyone is well.

Before the pandemic we had an awful summer of bushfires in Victoria, and along with some pressing and continuing family commitments I have not been motivated to promote my work.


  1. These look absolutely fantastic Kosta. Well done and hope to see more on your blog this year!