Saturday 3 August 2019

Retro 80's time + Blog News

Blog News
I now have an instagram account...
I'll be posting lots of miniatures that are already in the Eureka catalogue and stuff I've painted for Eureka, as well as scale model stuff, toys from my extremely un-focussed toy collection and maybe images from my book and comic collection too.

This link will take you there, or you can search on the instagram app for kosta_heristanidis so please find me and follow.

Having used the app for about two weeks, the ease with which photos can be shared is pretty appealing, and this is slowly overcoming my natural tendency towards secrecy. This blog will continue, as it's an excellent format for larger posts and continuing projects.

Takin' it back to the 80's
I've been enjoying Stranger Things 3, and was thrilled to spot men wearing Soviet NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) gear on-screen. 

Stranger Things 3, episode 5

Figures kitted out in this fashion made up one of the earliest sets of modern (by which I mean post-WW2, though these models are better described as 'Cold War') soldiers that I sculpted, and I still have a huge fondness for these models.

With that, I thought I'd share a couple of group photos. 
The range is quite comprehensive, with mortar, Sagger ATGW and DShK HMG teams, as well as flame-thrower, RPG and even specialised radiation-detection troops.

Here is some of the reference I used when planning this range. Hardback Salamander and Bison books showcasing the world's armies were commonplace in the late 70's and early 80's. I never used to rate them as a kid - but I have a fondness for them now and have collected quite a few.

'The Footsoldier' by Martin Windrow with illustrations by Richard Hook is a superb illustrated book published in 1982. My local library used to have a tattered copy which I borrowed over and over. I managed to find a second-hand copy in pretty good condition.

Osprey's 'Inside the Soviet Army Today' by Steven Zaloga with illustrations by Ron Volstad is packed with info, and Volstad's illustrations are always great. Try to get an actual printed copy if you can, as  Osprey's 'print on demand' books are pretty flimsy and poorly printed in my opinion.

Illustration: Richard Hook
Illustration: Ron Volstad

Here's a link to where these miniatures can be purchased, so if you're in the mood for some 1980's horror/sci-fi action, you know what to do! 


  1. Great figures - I've painted many of them!

  2. Thanks Dallas, glad you like them! Great avatar btw :)

  3. Haha, when I saw Stranger Things I immediately thought of those very same minis. Terrific stuff.

    1. Cheers Curt. I was pretty impressed with the costume design when they showed up!

  4. Hi Kosta. Ever thought of doing 28mm 22sqd SAS for Operation Nimrod. The 1982 Iranian Embassy siege at Londons's Princess Gate. I use to have the plastic Airfix 1/32 scale soldiers. God I would love to see these.

    1. Hi Spyros, They'd be a great addition to the range but aren't on my radar at the moment.
      Sorry mate! I am working on some new modern stuff but it's under wraps for now, plus I'm busy making WW2 Japanese soldiers for Nic. All the best.

  5. just checking in as you havent posted in a long time, hope u are all good??